What Is the Best Time of Year to Redo a Kitchen?

Kitchen remodeling happens throughout the year, but some timeframes work better than others. The last thing you want to do is host a big holiday dinner in the middle of a construction zone. So, what is the best time of year to redo a kitchen? What factors should you consider during the planning stage? Here are some tips for planning your kitchen remodel, courtesy of O’Hanlon Kitchens.

Plan around Big Cooking Events (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.)

If you’re planning to host a party or family get together, plan your remodeling around that. For instance, if your house is the ‘Thanksgiving house’ for your family, you may want to postpone remodeling until after the holidays. That allows you to enjoy the holiday in a stress-free environment, then focus on the remodel. If something happens to come up during remodeling, it could delay or hinder your get together.

Shop for New Appliances during Holiday Sales

The best time of the year to buy kitchen appliances is during the month of November. That’s when most hardware stores run Black Friday appliance sales with significant markdowns. If you don’t plan to remodel at that time, you could still order your appliances and have them delivered when you’re ready. You take advantage of the sale without rushing your remodeling project.

Aside from Black Friday, you can also catch appliance sales during most national holidays. Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Fourth of July – appliance sellers look for any excuse to get new customers. If you have a tax exemption or military discount to stack with the sales, you can get a great deal on a whole new suite of appliances.

Consider How the Weather May Impact Kitchen Remodeling

Since kitchen remodeling happens indoors, weather isn’t usually a factor. However, there are situations in which weather is critical for renovation. If your kitchen renovation includes expanding your home, replacing a window, or doing anything else with the home’s exterior, keep in mind what the weather is like in your area. You wouldn’t want to have a partly-exposed house during the rainiest time of year.

Don’t Redo a Kitchen Right before a Vacation

If you have a vacation already booked, don’t schedule kitchen remodeling until after you return. If something causes a delay in the remodeling process, the project may be put on pause while you’re on vacation. It could also be an issue that you need to be accessible for, which is tough when you’re trying to relax on vacation. Start the project after you return so you can enjoy your vacation in complete peace.

Avoid Stressful Times of Year for Your Children

Children thrive with consistency. A disruption in their schedule, home life and routines can cause them to feel stress, even if they don’t realize it. Don’t redo your kitchen in the middle of testing season or at the beginning of the school year. These are already stressful times for kids. They need as much stability as possible. If your child is involved with extracurriculars, keep those constraints in mind as well.

So…When Is the Best Time to Redo a Kitchen?

The best time to redo a kitchen is when you have minimal commitments elsewhere. Kitchen remodeling doesn’t have to take forever, but you should still allot ample time for the project. Also choose a time that realistically fits your budget and income availability. Since most kitchen renovation projects require some design and planning, talk to a contractor that can provide flexibility in the schedule. If you are planning a remodel in the Baltimore, Southern PA or Maryland region, call the remodeling experts at O’Hanlon Kitchens for a free estimate.

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