The San Diego Replacement Window Company That’s Heavily Invested in Providing Consumer Resources

Small businesses use their websites in many different ways. Some use them more or less as an online brochure—presenting their products or services to visitors and then inviting them to contact them. Others use their website as a way to establish their authority in their respective industries—offering information that proves their expertise and sets them apart from similar companies. Still others offer ways to order directly from the company online.

There’s no one right way to design a small business website, but one company— a replacement window company in San Diego —has chosen a direction that has served them well for many years now. They have filled their website with consumer resources that help visitors learn not only about their own company, but also about their industry more broadly.

BM Windows is a replacement window dealer that sells and installs new windows and patio doors in homes throughout San Diego County. It is a competitive market in San Diego. Not only are there other window dealers in the area, but the large “big box” stores also sell and install replacement windows. In addition, homeowners can have new windows installed by general contractors in the area. In other words, homeowners needing new windows have many choices.

Knowing this, BM Windows decided to use their website to help educate homeowners. There’s a lot to understand when it comes to replacement windows and many homeowners will admit that they don’t know where to start. Homeowners often don’t know what features they need and which ones they don’t. They have a hard time differentiating between the various brands of windows on the market or being able to tell a good quality window from a poor quality one. BM Windows uses their website to clear up some of the confusion surrounding replacement windows and doors.

Over the years, the team at BM Windows has added a variety of resources to their website, including a glossary of replacement window terminology, a buying guide, FAQs, and what they call their Design Center.” The Design Center is an interactive tool that allows users to get a good idea of what a home like theirs will look like with new windows. Users can “try out” different options, like frame colors other than white and different grid patterns, to see what looks best.

All the resources on the BM Windows website are free to use or download. The company doesn’t even require the user to input their email address or any other personal information. BM Windows truly does just want to help homeowners make better decisions when it comes to replacement windows. A nice result for the company has been that customers come to trust BM Windows—even before they meet with them at their initial consultation. They see that the company wants them to make informed purchasing decisions and that they have the customers’ best interests in mind. When team members from BM Windows meet with potential customers, they are often told, “We’ve already made up our minds. We know we want to buy windows from your company.”

It’s a great strategy that can work well in just about any industry. Provide potential customers with resources and valuable information that will establish your company as an expert in your respective field. In doing so, you will gain their trust and loyalty.

To learn more about BM Windows or about replacement windows and doors in general, visit their website:

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