The Essential Components of A Decadent Home

After a difficult year for many, one that has kept residents inside their homes for extended periods, homeowners are seeking out luxurious and decadent assets to make their home more enjoyable. Whether motivated by the fear of more isolation and wanting to ensure their home living space will be as enjoyable as possible, or by a surprisingly strong housing market bubble with great potential for increased property value, there is a new abundance of luxury home designs and assets.

Historically, a luxury home may have conjured images of swimming pools and wine cellars. However, while these may still be found in some homes, it is also smaller spaces that are finding their own category of luxuries, those that can be added to urban spaces too. So, if you’re looking to add a little spruce, transforming your living space into an exceedingly comfortable home, then we’ve got a list of essential components for you to consider.

A Little Steam

While your garden may not be large enough to accommodate a swimming pool, there is an increasingly popular luxury space that is beginning to appear across the country: the sauna. These natural spaces are easily fit into even the most compact garden, needing only room for a single seat or two. As long as you pay attention to the design, ensuring a secure vapour barrier, you’ll be able to easily and affordably make your own spa space.

Warmth Throughout

Staying on the topic of warmth, underfloor heating is becoming increasingly sought after for both its exquisite comfort and energy efficiency. Being able to walk on your home’s floor and feel the heat rising up is certain decadence, one that will have you become the envy of your friends, with the only downside being its demanding installation. Once complete, however, you will soon begin saving money on your energy bill, as well as be able to enjoy a more evenly distributed warmth throughout your home.

A Personal Escape

Being able to retreat into your own log cabin is a wonderful luxury, one that is now more achievable than ever with high-quality log cabins becoming readily available and easy to erect. While these outbuildings do require a garden, they can be customised in design to ensure that they fit even the most unusual garden spaces, as well as having the potential to be fitted with utilities, transforming them into an independent living space!

Smarter Living

A boiler that can be controlled from your phone, a doorbell that doubles as a security camera, and lights that turn off when you leave a room. Each of these is a feature of a smart home. As with luxuries like underfloor heating, smarter home living doesn’t solely benefit comfort and both hardware and software have the potential to save you money and increase home security.

Nourishing Abundance

Pantries, whether free-standing or walk-in, are becoming increasingly in demand after a number of celebrities and influencers began sharing their own. These storage spaces are often filled with decadent foods and spices, as well as indulgent treats, that ensure your guests are able to enjoy brilliant abundance during their stay.

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