Sink into Style: Choosing the Perfect Pedestal Wash Basin for Your Bathroom

A pedestal washbasin can be the perfect focal point for a small or powder room, adding elegance and visual interest. With a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs available, selecting the right pedestal basin entails considering your bathroom’s dimensions, décor, and functional needs. This guide covers key factors to weigh when shopping for a pedestal basin.

Measure Your Bathroom and Settle on Basin Dimensions

The first step toward picking an ideal pedestal washbasin is taking careful measurements of your bathroom’s layout. Note the existing sink space width and depth, location of plumbing hookups, distance from walls, and potential issues like pipes or windowsills to work around. This helps determine what basin shape and size can physically fit. It also prevents purchasing a basin that ultimately doesn’t align with your plumbing.

Common pedestal washbasin shapes include round, square, and rectangular. Sizing generally ranges from a petite 12 inches wide up to a spacious 30 inches wide or more. Consider traffic flow through the room, door clearance, drawers, or other factors that dictate your required basin width. Depth is also key – some basins are very shallow, while others are over a foot deep.

Once you know your bathroom’s boundaries, browse basin dimensions to find ones able to suit your space. This also ensures you select the correctly sized faucet and plumbing.

Complement Your Room’s Decor and Materials

Along with measuring bathroom dimensions, observe your existing tile, floors, cabinetry, wall colours, and other aesthetic details. A pedestal washbasin acts as a stylistic focal point, so you’ll want materials and colours that coordinate beautifully with the rest of the room.

For a crisp, bright bathroom, pristine white porcelain basins are timeless. Pair with lighter stone, marble, or glass mosaic tile. In bathrooms with warm wood vanities or neutral tiles, an almond or biscuit-coloured basin can enhance the soothing vibe. For a bolder, sleek look, glossy black or matte grey basins set a stunning masculine tone.

You can also pick basin materials to match your bathroom finishes. For instance, glass, ceramic, copper, or stone basins provide brilliant coordination. Be sure to also select faucets and handles in finishes like brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, or chrome to complete your cohesive look.

Focus on Special Features and Functional Priorities

Beyond dimensions and style, pedestal washbasins vary in special traits geared to enhance utility. Consider which features are on your must-have list before shopping models.

  • Number of Faucet Holes: buy online Most pedestal basins offer single-hole options for a streamlined look. However, some provide 3 holes to accommodate wider spread-style faucets. Select basins with no holes if using a wall-mounted or vessel-style filler faucet.
  • Overflow Drain: An overflow drain is useful for preventing spills and water overflow. This adds a second lower drain hole, enabling excess water to safely funnel down. If your bathroom tends to see frequent splashing or you have kids, an overflow is wise.
  • Softened Corners: Basins with rounded corners have a smoother aesthetic than sharp 90-degree edges. More importantly, soft corners speed up cleaning by eliminating hard-to-reach crevices where grime collects. This makes washing the basin much simpler.
  • Half Pedestal Design: Traditionally, pedestal sinks feature a bottom base covering the entire piping. Half-pedestal options only conceal back piping, leaving the front plumbing exposed. While very modern and sleek, this does sacrifice some functionality.
  • Designer Touches: From embellished base trim to metallic inlaid accents, some basins boast extra stylistic details. Such artistic touches lend a more one-of-a-kind, high-end feel. They can beautifully elevate a focal-point basin installation.

Plan Lighting to Showcase Your Basin

Proper lighting is key to fully appreciating the gorgeous aesthetic of your decorative basin. Use accent lighting, vanity fixtures, and natural sunlight to showcase this new centrepiece dramatically. Experiment with light bulb colour as well to complement your basin’s lovely hue.

Infuse Hotel Luxury with Designer Linens

Elevate the upscale ambience with coordinating hand and pedestal towels in lush materials like Egyptian cotton. Look for ornamental details, including embroidery, tassels or creative patterns for a touch of boutique style. Upgrade guest soap dishes and bins while you’re styling this space.

Stock Up on Cleansing Supplies

Be sure to have cleaning supplies on hand that are approved for use on your basin material. Avoid abrasive cleaners that could scratch porcelain or wear down intricate details over time.

Routinely clear away grime and buildup to keep your pedestal washbasin sparkling like new.


As you begin deciding on the perfect pedestal washbasin for revitalizing your bathroom, refer back to the tips above regarding properly measuring your space, complementing decor, comparing special features, and checking out recommended models. Taking time to carefully evaluate all factors ensures you select the ideal basin to fulfil both form and function. Soon, that new basin will transform your room into a welcoming oasis!

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