Most Popular Garden Trends for 2021

Homeowners in the UK typically love their gardens—but how do we keep them looking stylish, especially during the summer?

From in-vogue furnishings to eco-friendly ventures, we’ll discover some of the biggest garden trends of 2021 and how you can bring them to your outdoor space.

Neutral designs

Families across the UK are spending more time enjoying staycations and activities in their backyards. That means it’s important to ensure that your garden furniture is looking its best!

Currently, the trend is veering from brash and bold designs and focused more on neutral shades that give your garden a lighter, more tranquil appeal. So, why not invest in corner dining sets that come in cream, beige or grey and customise with some taupe cushions to give your garden a splash of style?


There’s a surge towards helping the environment in 2021, which includes wildlife. A major garden trend this year is to create a ‘safe place’ for animals such as bees, birds, butterflies, and hedgehogs. How do you do this? You can build nests for bees using blocks of wood in a box that you attach to the wall or fence. A birdhouse and birdbaths can also help protect small birds and can look very attractive. If you want to help boost the butterfly population, plant woody plants and shrubs, which caterpillars usually feed on more than herbaceous plants. For hedgehogs, place a small bowl of water and dog food around dusk to keep them well-nourished.


Think growing vegetables and herbs is just for allotments? Think again. One of the most popular garden trends in 2021 is grow-your-own produce. With people spending less time in the office or on holidays abroad, they typically have more time to enjoy the garden. Not only can creating your own vegetable patch encourage your family to eat more healthily, but you’ll also see the benefit when it comes to your grocery bill.

If you want to get in on this trend but don’t have a large garden, herbs in small pots don’t take much room at all. Want more variety? Go for vertical-sprouting produce like tomatoes, peas and squash, which you can grow using trellises or cages as support structures.

Outdoor fun

Since we’re staying at home more, a surging trend for gardens in 2021 is creating a play space for kids. If you have a young family, why not make space for a mud kitchen? Using earth and water in pots, pans and bowls are great for messy play and sure to keep them entertained. If you have space, you could also build a climbing frame, treehouse and mini veggie patch.

Urban gardens

A final fantastic garden trend for 2021 is the ‘urban garden’, which is for people who don’t have any large outdoor space. To create yours, utilise your window sills by placing flower pots or herbs here and fix hanging baskets wherever you can. If you have a small terrace, use shelves to save space and show off your plants even better. Window boxes are also great ways to grow your own produce with limited space.

Hopefully, you’re clued up on all the top trends for outdoor spaces in 2021. Have fun adopting some of them in your own garden!

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