Mark Roemer Oakland Discusses Halloween Decorating Tips for Your House



Mark Roemer Oakland believes that it is always fun to spook up your home for Halloween. There are tons of ways you can decorate your house for the spookiest day of the year. You can give it a makeover you choose; keep the creepy look to a minimum, or give a complete Halloween look to your home. Here are a few Halloween decorating tips for your house:

Tips & Tricks

  1. Decorate the front porch- Your guests will love the front porch if it gives a spooky feeling. You can decorate it with lanterns, piles of pumpkins, rugs, and other such items.
  1. Make some spooky spiders- You can use your imagination and craft some giant large spooky spiders. Hang these spiders all over your house, both indoors and outdoors. These creepy Halloween props can transform your home into the spookiest place. Plus, it gives you the freedom to be a creative soul using some inexpensive craft items.
  1. Use dry ice with spooky decor- It is a match made in Halloween heaven and can make your place uniquely spooky. However, it will help if you are careful while using this, or it may burn up your home.
  1. Make your front door spooky- You can make your front door spooky using some frightful facelift. Mummifying your front door is an excellent tip to spook up your home.
  1. Use pumpkins as black cats- Black cat pumpkins are a fantastic way to create a frightening environment. These black cats are easy to make, and even children can make them with a little help from adults.
  1. Craft a few spell books- You can turn your books into old-leathered books; this will give them an antique look. You can place some candles along with these spell books, and it will create a sophisticated spooky look.
  1. Design your windows- You can hang curtains stencilled with Halloween designs on your windows, especially the ones at the front. The idea can transform your simple windows and doors into something spooktacular.
  1. Transform a plant into a man-eating monster- If you are trying to create something more unique, you should use your houseplants. Turn the plants you use to create a peaceful environment into a man-eating monster to frighten your guests. You just need to make use of some craft items, and the devilish denizens are ready.
  1. Dripping Candles- You just have to light some drip candles and place them at the corners of your house. You can make use of some wine bottles to get a spookier look.
  1. Serve creepy cakes- You can bake some cakes of a creepy and scary theme. These desserts can act as bonus points for your Halloween party, and the guests will love the idea.


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, there are dozens of ideas that can help you create a witchy scene, and the mentioned above tips are only a few of them. You must not limit your imagination and try to be as creative as possible and come up with some fantastic and easy decoration ideas for creating a scary look.

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