How To Prepare For Windows and Doors Installation?

So, you have selected awesome windows and doors for your home and hired the services of experienced contractors to handle the installation. Before the installers come to your home, there are certain things you need to do to prepare for windows and doors installation.

Below, we will explain what you should do as you prepare for the installation of windows and doors in your home.

·       Schedule the project at a convenient time

Windows and doors installation can be quite demanding for you and your household. This is because it may be difficult for you to use several parts of the home during the project. To minimize the effects of the installation on the use of your home, you should schedule it at a convenient time. Make sure the installation is scheduled for a time that is convenient for everyone in your household.

·       Make your home accessible to the contractors

If you don’t want to deal with the rigor of windows and doors installation, it is better to schedule the project for a time everyone will not be at home. This allows the contractors to handle the job without any hindrance. However, you must make your home accessible to them. This means that the contractors shouldn’t be locked out of your home.

Additionally, if you have any alarm or security systems in the house, it is important to turn them off. Once you have done all these things, the contractors will be able to work uninhibited.

·       Remove the window treatments

Curtains, blinds, drapes, etc. can hinder the windows and doors contractors from doing their job. Therefore, you need to remove them from the windows and doors as you prepare for the installation project. By doing this, the contractor will be able to work around the windows and doors without destroying anything.

Similarly, it is paramount to remove wall paintings, wallpapers, and other wall hangings around the areas the contractors will work.

·       Clear the inside and outside of the windows and doors

Are removable planters, furniture, pots, and some other items immediately outside or inside the windows and doors? If yes, you should remove them before the windows and doors installation starts. Otherwise, these items may be damaged during the installation. Also, if you have shrubs or trees immediately outside of the windows, you need to cut them back.

·       Prepare the workstation

In most cases, your driveway or garage will likely serve as the workstation where the contractors will keep the windows, doors, and tools. So, it is paramount to prepare the area for the contractor. Remove any cars, tools, etc. that may get in the way of the contractors as they try to install the products in your home.

·       Protect the items inside your home

As the windows and doors contractors install the products, you can expect lots of dust and dirt to be generated. The dust can settle on the furniture and other items around the work area. You may need to spend lots of money on cleaning such items. So, you should protect your home by using a plastic sheet to cover your valuables.

After doing everything above, you can relax and see how the contractors will transform your home with windows and doors.

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