How to dispose of cardboard boxes effectively?

Have you seen a cardboard box? That must sound like a foolish question because, well, who hasn’t seen one? But, at the same time, it is a fundamental and legitimate question.

You may have often thanked the Lords when you found a spare cardboard box. This distinctly shows just how vital these meagre brown boxes are, especially during relocation or renovation projects. But did you know that these brown boxes have a significant contribution to global warming?

Made out of recycled paper, cardboard boxes are hardly fully recyclable. Since they are not wholly degradable, cardboard waste is used for landfills. But it still has the potential to affect life and the environment adversely. This is because cardboard boxes contain methane.

When this chemical is released, it can further degrade the quality of the soil and cause soil pollution on a grand scale. But this issue can be curbed by disposing them properly.

Why you need experts to dispose cardboard boxes?

It would be best if you depended on an expert company for junk removal Melbourne. Such a company will come up with intriguing methods to dispose of these boxes without causing any harm to the environment. Some of these tips are as follows:

  • Understanding the condition of the cardboard

Before anything else, you need to assess the condition of the cardboard. For example, if you take a pizza box, it will undoubtedly be soiled with sauce stains or cheese. Parcels or delivery boxes, on the other hand, are neat and devoid of such stains. Soiled cardboards also include wet or heavily taped cardboard. These cannot be easily reused.

  • Reuse them

Since it is a little challenging to get rid of cardboard waste, the best idea is to reuse them. You can reuse these boxes as per your needs and requirements. Moreover, you can also easily use them for do-it-yourself projects or keep them for future use.

  • Recycle them

Although one of the most common methods of cardboard box disposal is dumping at a landfill, there are other effective methods. One of them is recycling. In this technique, cardboard boxes are collected and shredded. These are then pressed together and beaten to form a pulp. The pulp is then passed through harsh chemicals and filtered. It is then pressed and dried in layers which are then used to make new cardboard.

  • Know how to prepare them for disposal

Since it is a little tricky to dispose of cardboard boxes, it is crucial to prepare them for disposal. Before disposing of your cardboard box, make sure it is rid of tapes, pins, ribbons, packing thread, etc. You may or may not demolish your cardboard box before disposal. Moreover, you may want to remove any form of document that contains information such as your contact details, address, etc.

We hope this piece helps you to understand how to dispose of cardboard boxes effectively. If you religiously follow them, you will contribute to the benefit of mankind and your own life. Regardless of when you need assistance with your cardboard boxes, the professionals are just a call away.

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