How To Attract Wild Birds To Your Garden

With their colour and vibrancy wild birds can be the perfect addition to any garden and best of all with the correct setup it’s mutually beneficial too! Therefore, here is our 4 step plan on how you can spice up your outside space by attracting avian wildlife this summer.

  • Choosing the right food –

With a huge range of seeds and other foods on offer it can be daunting deciding on the right choice for your garden. Firstly, before you even choose your seeds you’ll need the right delivery system with feeders or tables coming as the most highly recommended. Next, choose a seed that contains produce specifically targeted at the species you’d like to attract to your garden. All good supply companies, such as Wynnstay, will offer a range of seeds that appeal to certain species of birds so simply pick your favourites! Alternatively, if you have no particular preference you can buy more generic mixes that can attract up to 25 different species of wild birds. A further idea is to incorporate some fat balls into your offering which can help give birds some more diversity in their diet and provide some much needed fat and energy. Finally, birds aren’t picky and won’t turn their nose up at your leftovers so old fruit, veg and bread are all great ways of saving food from going wasted (just make sure the leftovers aren’t mouldy or salty)!

  • Water –

It’s important to remember that birds need water just the same as many other living things! Therefore, including a drinking receptacle in your offering when attracting wild birds is absolutely essential. Any tray or bowl that holds a decent amount of water will be fine (think of a dog bowl or a cat bowl) just make sure you replace it regularly and it doesn’t freeze over on cold winter days.

  • Choosing the right place for your feeders or table –

Where you decide to place your feeders and water bowl is just as important as having them in the first place if you want to attract wild birds to your garden. The key things to remember are that it should be quiet, safe (especially from cats) and sheltered from the wind if possible. These are essential to creating an environment that is healthy for birds. Furthermore, if your outdoor space allows, why not find somewhere to build your bird offering that is within easy view of your property? That way you can enjoy the spectacle of the wildlife from the warmth of your house all year round.

  • Keeping your bowls and feeders clean –

Finally, it is essential that you keep any spaces or objects that wild birds interact with clean and free from avian disease. This can be done with regular cleaning and maintenance of feeders with non-toxic disinfectant and warm soapy water and gloves. Thorough cleaning should occur approximately on a weekly basis and will help you to get the most out of your birds’ environment and in the safest possible way.

Follow these steps carefully and you could soon have a garden buzzing with avian life!

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