Handy Explains the Issues with Business Furniture


According to Handy, it’s essential to invest in good quality office furniture in order to ensure the best functionality and prevent health risks. Yes, bad quality business furniture that is available for cheap often breaks down with little stress and can hurt your posture due to improper ergonomics. It can cause issues for you in the long term.

The Issues

Here are a few common issues associated with business furniture:

  1. Problem with the reclining function – Most office chairs come with a reclining function to allow you to relax and feel comfortable when taking breaks in between work. However, over time, the reclining mechanism can begin to deteriorate, and it can become more difficult to lean back the seat past a certain angle. As a result, the chair can become problematic to use since it no longer provides the same comfort.

Usually, the issue is caused due to a faulty recline knob or adjustable knob and you have to use a screwdriver to adjust the knobs and try to bring back the initial functionality.

  1. Uncomfortable seat cushion – One of the defining features of good-quality office furniture is the level of comfort they offer. When choosing an office chair, ensure you test the seat cushion thoroughly and enquire about the seating time and the maximum weight. Cheap office chairs come with seat cushions that are not suited for seating for long periods of time and deteriorate faster.

One way to test the quality of seat cushions on a piece of furniture is to kneel on them for a period. If you can feel the support underneath and the seat cushion stays compressed, it is likely to break down faster.

  1. Constant noise that feels annoying – Creaking furniture noises can become irritating, especially when they happen at the tiniest shift of your weight. This is one of the most common issues with office chairs but not impossible to fix. There could be several reasons that can cause the furniture to creak including loose bolts, screws, and nuts, faulty caster wheels and chair springs, dirt and debris, and more.

In order to fix the problem, you have to figure out the source of the issue first and then attempt to fix it. You can use lubricants and tighten loose screws, apply oil to the seat spring, apply silicone spray to the caster wheels, and clean the chair to fix the issue.

  1. Sinking chairs – Sinking office chairs are often caused due to faulty gas lift or pneumatic cylinders and in most cases, you have to order a replacement. However, the issue can also be caused if you exceed the weight recommendation for the chair, which is typically 225 pounds.

This issue is also common in office chairs that are more than 10 years old and contain gas cylinders that have reached the end of their life.


Handy suggests that you only purchase high-quality business furniture and also install a chair mat in your office if you have the budget. This would ensure you get the maximum ROI and also keep the floors and carpet in good condition.

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