Guide to choosing the right commercial construction contractor

Whether one is considering constructing a new space, or initiating a tenant improvement and refurbishing an existing commercial space, selecting the right commercial contractor becomes the key. The market is flooded with a plethora of commercial construction contractors, thereby a careful consideration of the skills, experience, and other qualities are some of the factors to be evaluated. Having the right construction constructor and team is vital for the success of the commercial project.

Helping clients throughout the construction process

One must understand that a commercial construction project doesn’t just mean space planning, establishing a building, making walls, and installing floors, it is much more. A professionally commercial construction contractor initiates a well-defined construction plan and a coordination process helping clients through the entire construction process and delivering the completed project on time and within budget.

Safety record

According to studies conducted, a huge amount of money is spent covering direct and indirect expenses from accidents that take place during commercial, industrial, and utility constructions. The costs vary depending on the size, and scope of the projects. In case, there is any major accident on the project construction site, the expenditure can be skyrocketing. Thus, checking the safety records of commercial construction contractors is key in the selection process.

Evaluating the safety records of commercial construction contractors gives an idea of their potential to choose and handle subcontractors. It also showcases the liability one might be risking by putting under his/her commercial space by hiring. A poor safety record is a sign that the contractor doesn’t abide by the safety measures and practices. Hiring a top-notch quality contractor makes the construction process easy with high professional standards and safety awareness.

Comparing bidding with other contractors

A bid is not just an estimated expense, but an overview of the stages a commercial constructor contractor needs to implement to complete the project successfully. Often it is found that the lowest bid is the most uncompleted project, leading to cost overruns. Everything cannot be estimated beforehand, but one can get an idea of the cost that will be required through bidding.

No industry standard defines the way bids should be represented. In the majority of commercial construction projects, the estimated cost ends up much higher once the construction begins. When one is comparing bids of contractors, and selecting one for the project, it is vital to identify the points that are included and the points missing in each of the proposals or bids. A competent commercial construction contractor provides a well-defined picture of the construction project, that includes all the estimated expenses for each stage of the construction in the beginning.

Proper licensing

Commercial construction contractors need to be bonded, have a license, and insurance as well to function. It is not worth mitigating the risks including contractors that don’t have the license, and insurance. When one is considering selecting a construction contractor, it is always suggested to double-check the qualifications.

One can examine the licensing of a contractor online via governmental agencies, while the insurance coverage of the contractors can be checked by contacting the insurance companies or agents. Depending on the state, the licensing also varies. For example, in Pennsylvania, there is no requirement for state licensing for general contractors, but there are certain local licensing requirements. A crane worker or an operator must be certified by the state, but subcontractors hired for the specific projects only require certifications locally.

Electricians, plumbers, HVAC contractors, and other individuals involved in the construction project have specific relevant requirements for liability insurance. There might be distinct categories for licensing, like home improvement, and general contracting. Several commercial establishments look for union contractors, as they go above and beyond the licensing requirements of the municipalities and the state. They are bonded, insured, and also on good terms with the union. This means that union contractors have the latest and the most advanced training and workmanship for commercial construction.

Communication skills

When a business and its capital are at stake, it wants to initiate every process according to the plan. No matter how skilled or qualified commercial construction contractors might be, they can be a bad choice if they fail to establish a good rapport or interaction with the client company. When a construction contractor for a commercial project is considered, communication plays a big role.

The client wants to have updated information regularly regarding the schedule and the stages of the projects. The client company might also want to get updates directly from the contractor via phone calls, emails, or physically in person. The contractor’s effectiveness and the interest to communicate will be the deciding factor in investing money for the project. When the path of interaction and communication is open and transparent from both ends, the completion of the project is faster, better, and more efficient.

Past construction project records

Commercial construction is different from the residential construction process. It is important to select a contractor with extensive experience in commercial construction. This is important to handle the deadlines, labor costs, and sourcing of raw materials efficiently and professionally. Commercial projects move at a rapid phase, thereby demanding an organized workflow and also within the budget. Years of experience in commercial establishments ensure successful project completion.

The past construction project records determine whether the contractor selected is competent enough to carry out the commercial construction project as desired. Talking to past clients and getting to know directly about their experiences can be helpful to determine that they execute superior-quality of work or have red flags regarding the same. Requesting the contractors to show samples of similar projects can be beneficial as well.


Commercial construction sites are prone to minor and major accidents regularly. Reputed and well-established commercial construction contractors abide by all safety measures. Henceforth, it is necessary to invest money in a competent construction contractor. Since the market is flooded with a wide array of contractors, choosing the right one is overwhelming. Considering the above-mentioned factors helps one to shortlist only the good contractors and thereby choose one for the construction project.

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