Garage Renovation Ideas

Garages are often left neglected by many homeowners because they simply aren’t a top priority. This oversight will, in turn, result in having yet another space filled with unnecessary clutter, moldy walls, and structural damage. However, with affordable but quality construction materials like magnesium oxide panels, concrete sheets, and reclaimed wood, your garage will be as good as new in a blink of an eye. Residential polished concrete flooring is very aesthetic, cost-effective, and easy to maintain. So, it’s a good choice to hire someone for professional concrete polishing.

Renovating a garage can be a serious undertaking which is why we have compiled a list of suggestions for you to consider before coming to a final decision. These will help you get a clearer picture of the overall process and help you realize whether this project is something you can take on by yourself.

Have a Solid Plan

As with pretty much everything in life, it is important to have some kind of a plan. First, you need an objective assessment of your garage space. Empty your garage and get rid of anything you haven’t used in the past year or so. You can even organize a garage sale and make some additional money out of it.

Now that you are left with a blank canvas, it’s time to catalog the damage. Focus on areas that need the most work. This simple process will help you determine whether you need to hire a professional or if this is a project you can undertake on your own. Once you’ve seen where you stand, it’s time to choose appropriate materials.

Experts suggest getting multipurpose materials like magnesium oxide panels. This way you will be able to save some money without renouncing quality. Certainly, your immediate plans might change as the renovation progresses, but it is still good to have a starting point.

 New Floors Are a Must

The most important issue you will need to address right away is the flooring. Due to the nature of the room, your floors will probably need an upgrade or a replacement. There are numerous options available, but concrete seems to be a very popular choice. If you already have a concrete floor, the only thing left to do is to get it resurfaced.

One major drawback when it comes to concrete is that it stains easily, which is inevitable when it comes to garages. This is why many homeowners opt for epoxy garage flooring kits or foam floor mats that will prevent damage to your concrete.

Strong Walls

Now that your floors are ready, it’s time to tackle the walls, as they too probably need to be strengthened or replaced. Building material like magnesium oxide boards is an excellent choice because it can be used for walls and the ceiling. A high-quality MgO board is resistant to mold, fungus, and rot, making it perfect for your garage.

MagPanel is notorious for its builder-friendly properties, which is why many choose these boards over standard drywall. Their preference lies in the fact that an MgO board is both fire and water-resistant and can endure extreme weather conditions. This option will prolong the period between this and the next renovation.

Add Insulation and a Fresh Coat of Paint

Speaking of walls and ceilings, another important step you should consider is insulation. While seemingly irrelevant, proper insulation will help with temperature fluctuations. If your garage is not detached from your home, it can even reduce your electricity or heating bills. In addition, you can even consider insulating your roof to prevent water leakage.

With walls and flooring out of the way, the majority of your work is done. Now you can add a fresh coat of paint to bring some life into your garage space. Opt for a lighter color palette that will visually enlarge the space and make it appear brighter, especially if there are no proper windows to let the light in.

We have covered some of the most basic things that need to be executed properly when renovating a garage. The next thing you can include is adequate storage. Having functional storage options for your tools or other necessities is fairly important. This way, you will have a clutter-free space in which all members of your house can find their way.

As you were able to witness, remodeling a garage requires a lot of patience and hard work. However, the final result will leave you speechless and make all your sacrifices worthwhile. Now it’s time to step back and enjoy your brand new space.

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