Gaming chair vs office chair: What’s your pick?

A gaming chair is designed for providing gamers ultimate support and it hugely differs from an office chair in having a higher backrest that is designed for supporting the shoulders and upper back. You can customize these chairs’ back, armrests, headrest, back, and lumbar support when you wish to get more efficiency and comfort. As streamers are required to play for many hours, they buy gaming chairs.

An office chair is a kind of chair that people use at their desks. This is commonly a swivel chair with some wheels that propose mobility. You can adjust the height of these chairs too. Commonly, the modern office chairs utilize a distinct load-bearing and single-leg and it is placed underneath the seat of the chair. Close to the floor, the load-bearing leg gives out many smaller feet called casters and they are habitually wheeled.

Difference between the two

Gaming chair vs office chair – They are habitually compared. As gaming chairs and office chairs look very similar in function and appearance people make comparisons between them. According to a common observation, gaming chairs give more importance to style in place of comfort. Contrarily, office chairs give priority to comfort over style. However, this does not remain the case all the time. Though these two kinds of chairs have their structural and visual differences, they are designed ergonomically and keep users comfortable for many hours.

Structure-wise difference – If you observe structurally then you will find some basic similarities between office chairs and gaming chairs. Both these chairs possess swiveling bases, casters, the padding on the back, seat, armrests, and various adjustable settings.

Visual difference – Visually, you will find the differences to be striking. An office chair tends to be clean and simple in design but the designs of gaming chairs lay stress on style. As gaming chairs are designed by the car seats of luxury sports, they look flashy.

Features to look for before buying the best ergonomic chairs

  • The height of the seat – The optimal height of the seat of an ergonomic chair permits people to place their feet on the floor flat and so, you need to select a chair that has got adjustable seat height.
  • Depth and width of the seat – The ideal depth must be between two and four inches and when the seat is very far forward then it might put some undue pressure on the users’ knees.
  • Seat tilt – A good ergonomic chair must allow tilting of the seat and it will place the pelvis at a correct position.
  • Backrest lumbar support – By backrest lumbar support is meant the support which you provide to your lower back and it is a vital feature of the ergonomic office chairs. Additionally, the adjustable backrest permits users to support the chair’s curve with their curve and this always proposes optimal support.
  • Swivel – The best ergonomic chair always has the swivel and it aids users with its maneuverability. And so, users can reach various points without straining themselves too much.

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