Factors That Are Affecting Your Home AC Performance

There are so many factors that can affect the performance of your home air conditioner. So, how do you know what to look for? Here is a list of the top four things to check, both inside and outside of your home, to ensure your AC is performing at its best.

Cooling load

Your cooling load – the amount of heat that your air conditioner is tasked with removing – has a significant effect on how well your unit performs. Air conditioners are designed to run at a specific temperature and humidity, and will perform best when the cooling load agrees with their original design.

Duct condition

Your home’s ductwork is more than just a passage for your conditioned air to travel through. It plays a big role in the performance of your AC system and the quality of air in your home. If they are too small, restricted by bends or twists, or have holes and leaks, the performance of your air conditioner will suffer, and you might notice uneven cooling throughout your home.

Home insulation

Home insulation is essential for AC performance in the summer and cold air protection in the winter. Not enough or poor home insulation can cause your air conditioner to work overtime, increase utility bills and greenhouse gas emissions, and become costly to maintain. If you want to extend the usage of your aircon and to decrease your utility bills, it is best that you hire professionals from insulation Pensacola that will help you in installing your home insulation correctly.


Airflow is the greatest challenge the air conditioner has to overcome. If you have good airflow across the coils and through your duct system, from the moment your air conditioner starts up until it shuts down, its performance is close to ideal. If you have restricted airflow, start-up or shut down is particularly difficult for the unit to perform. Airflow is a critical factor in determining how well your cooling system performs all season long.

Have your AC serviced by a licensed HVAC contractor in Melbourne, FL

To prepare your home air conditioner for 24/7 cooling operation during the hot summer months, call for professional system maintenance and tune-up. A professional AC service will help prevent emergency breakdowns, keeping your family cool and safe all season long. Get professional consultations today!

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