Culpeper cleaners in action: what are the dirtiest things in your office?

If you had to choose between toilet seats, kitchen sink, office cups, telephones, keyboards, and copy machine buttons, which one of those mentioned above would you think is the dirtiest? Although totally surprising, the answer is “copy machine buttons”. A member of a Culpeper cleaners team said this in an interview with us, during which he also revealed other not-so-fun facts about corporate housekeeping. He works with Home & Business Services, a family-owned company operating in this county since 2013. Here’s what else he had to say.

What is the dirtiest thing in an office?

Our team of Culpeper cleaners was very surprised when they found out copy machine buttons have the highest number of germs per square inch, we really didn’t expect that. According to a study conducted recently, the number is 1.2 billion germs CFU (colony forming units) per square inch, 300 times more than the second place on the list – keyboards. It makes sense when you think that so many people touch printer buttons and keyboards one after the other, without washing their hands, or cleaning the objects too often. But normally, you would think that toilets seats or kitchen sinks are dirtier since you associate them with less clean stuff.

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So what comes next, after copy machine buttons?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, keyboards come next, but they have “only” 3.5 million bacteria per square inch. Although hard to believe, my fellow Culpeper cleaners colleagues found out that keyboards act as disease transmitters. According to the American Journal of Infection Control, microbes such as Micrococcus Staphylococcus aureus and epidermidis thrive inside keyboards. Again, it’s totally plausibile: before or after using a keyboard you almost never wash your hands, whereas before and after using the toilet you do it almost every time.

What other interesting discoveries did the Culpeper cleaners make?

Next come telephones, and only after them kitchen sinks, toilet seats, and office cups. The principle is the same: especially with landlines, nobody washes their hands before or after using them. This way, they spread germs and bacteria, creating a thriving environment for them. If COVID taught us something or rather reminded us, is that basic hygiene rules can be enough when it comes to stopping bacteria and germs thrive. Other useful things are using an antibacterial gel, regularly wiping equipment, especially the elevator and copier buttons, as well as telephones. Last but not least, paper towels, sanitizers, and the soap should never be missing from the office.

How does your team of Culpeper cleaners cope with dirty offices?

We had a lot of work to do when the COVID restrictions were eased and people started coming back to their offices. However, as usual, we delivered quality services and we were always on time. From routine cleaning maintenance to seasonal tile and carpet cleaning, power washing, and window cleaning, we offer solutions for all of our clients’ needs. We use only professional equipment and we have trained employees, ready to make a difference in the overall appearance of your business.

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