Common Plumbing Scams You Must Watch Out For When Hiring a Plumber

Getting an honest plumber with reasonable prices for their work is possible. However, it is also likely to come across unscrupulous and dishonest ones who will not hesitate to take your hard-earned money and ruin your plumbing system. With the number of plumbers in the market, getting a reliable one and avoiding getting scammed can be daunting. However, knowing the common scamming tricks these unscrupulous plumbers use to help save your money and your system is crucial. This blog will discuss several common scams to watch out for when hiring a plumber.

Avoiding Details

A reliable plumber Oahu understands the importance of details like insurance, licensing, and any other document proving they are legit and qualified. In fact, you will find such information on the plumber’s website or business card. This way, you can quickly know and reach them whenever needed. If a plumber is unwilling to show you such details, that could be a con. Most scammers will give you every excuse as to why you cannot see such information. If they happen to show you some of their credentials after putting a lot of pressure, conduct a background check to confirm the legitimacy of the documents. Ensure you also check reviews to see what others say about the plumber. You could be dealing with someone intending to steal your money right under your nose. So, check credentials first and insist on seeing their license.

Asking for Too Much Upfront

Another scam you will likely encounter with a dishonest plumber is too much upfront. Someone ready to run away into hiding will ask for a high upfront. Some plumbers ask for deposits, but the amount should not exceed 10% of the total. Furthermore, there is no need to ask for upfront if the task is small. So, run away as far as you can if the plumber asks for half the money before the eve begins. Pay them in bits to avoid issues, especially if you have a big project. Before you pay half the money, confirm you are working with a genuine plumber. It may also be best to insist on buying materials yourself if they insist on more money.


Beware of plumbers who overpromise before you see their work. It will be essential to ask for samples of their previous projects to see how they perform. Most homeowners are willing to pay a higher price for high-quality materials if they last longer. However, they may not understand the types of valves, pipes, fittings, and other plumbing items. Therefore, they always fall prey to scammers. It is crucial to know how to measure the quality of a material. If possible, buy them from your local store.

Insisting on Cash Transactions  

Something could be up if the plumber insists on cash payments only and wants nothing to do with invoices or receipts. It might be because they are not licensed or insured or could be evading taxes. Even if they do a great job, you could find yourself in trouble if something arises and you cannot account for the damages. Such a person can go away without a trace, leaving you with more damage to cover.

Wrapping Up

Many con plumbers are in the market waiting to take your money without hesitation. So, know the tricks they use and get ahead of them.

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