Can You Paint My House During Quarantine: Learn How To Do It

With the issue of social isolation, quarantine, and even lockdown, as has been happening in some cities due to the Coronavirus, many people ask themselves: “Can I paint my house during the quarantine?”. Is this allowed, given the current rules in times of COVID-19? The answer is yes; you can paint your home. You should follow some basic rules from

Stay Safe When You Recolor Your Home During Quarantine

First, you must know how to stay safe while painting your house or healthcare facility painting. For example, if you paint the outside area, follow the recommendation to keep your distance from other people. The WHO-World Health Organization is very clear, emphasizing that it is essential to stay at least 2 meters away from anyone who is not a household member.

Staying at a closer distance will significantly increase your risk of catching the Coronavirus and spreading it to others. Painting the house, however, is not limited to the pandemic as the only risk.

Try to use protective equipment and, especially when you have to use a ladder to paint the upper parts, follow all ladder safety rules to minimize the risk of a serious accident.

Some important painting tips for home safety are:

Before you even start painting your house, evaluate the stairs thoroughly. Notice if it looks secure and if there are any loose steps, worn feet, etc. If you observe that any of these parts are damaged, it may be necessary to purchase a new ladder for the job;

Try to keep the painting environment as spacious and free as possible. It is common, especially when the painter is inexperienced, to trip over paint cans, slip on clothes by leaving tools in the middle of the path;

Check the weight limit of your stairs, try not to exceed this weight, and take into account not only your weight but also the paint can if you take it with you on the stairs;

Don’t overstretch yourself when you’re on the stairs. Pay attention to paint spots within arm’s reach and move the ladder as needed before continuing. If you stretch too far, you could fall and injure yourself. (For this reason, it’s essential to make sure your ladder is tall enough for the task at hand.)

Wall Painting Tips For You To Adopt During Quarantine

In addition to all the basic hygiene and organization care, making the home environment more comfortable and practical can help, and a lot, this moment of seclusion imposed by COVID-19.

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