6 Signs That Your Carpet Requires Professional Cleaning

A happy home is usually one that is clean. On the other hand, the carpet is likely to be dirtier than you anticipate. When you tread on it every day, it’s easy to ignore, but you must know when it’s gone too far. Carpets should be professionally cleaned about once a year, especially if your warranty covers any damage. Read along if you’re wondering whether it’s time to clean your carpet! Here are a few red flags for hiring carpet cleaning Westwood experts.

1.     It has not been cleaned in more than a year.

When’s the last time you had the carpets professionally cleaned? Even if you avoid spills and don’t allow your children to wear shoes in the home, your carpets will accumulate a lot of filth and dust, which a professional should clean regularly. A typical rule for carpets is properly cleaning them at least once a year. Regular cleanings will help prolong the life of your carpet and enhance the overall aesthetic of your house.

2.     There are stains on your carpet.

This is one of the most visible indications to clean your carpet. Having guests knock over a bottle of wine or a young kid wiping chocolate on the rug are two certain reasons to keep the carpet cleaner’s number on speed dial. If you take the carpet to the pros straight away, they will most likely be able to remove the stain.

3.     You detect foul odors.

If you’ve noticed a lingering odor in your home or workplace that doesn’t seem to go away regardless of how thoroughly you clean, it’s likely coming from the carpet. The issue with living with odors is that you typically don’t notice them, but others who visit your place do. Several causes might cause odors in carpets, ranging from bacteria to moisture and pet accidents. A thorough cleaning will offer the deep cleaning required to eliminate the odor immediately.

4.     Your allergies begin to act up

Another indicator that your carpet needs to be cleaned is if your allergies start acting up within your house. If you find yourself sneezing a lot, it may be due to dust in your carpets. Dust may cause a range of lung problems, so make sure the carpet is cleaned as soon as possible!

5.     Your carpet appears to be worn or old.

If your carpet appears worn out, it could mean various things. Having your carpet cleaned is among the best ways to make it look newer. Your rug can either tie a room together or make it look unappealing. Having your carpet cleaned regularly will make it look fresh and extend its life.

6.     If you have a pet

We all want our own pet, but if you have rugs, you’ll need them cleaned more frequently. If you have a dog, you can probably tell where they sleep most of the time simply by glancing at the carpet. Your dogs may pee on your carpets, leaving them moist and full of germs. If your dogs spend a lot of time inside, you should consider scheduling regular carpet cleaning.


If your carpet is soiled or unclean, it might start to seem shabby, making it impossible to create an attractive interior. Because your carpet is a reflection of you, make sure you employ a professional carpet cleaning to get it looking beautiful and new.

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