5 Ways To Get Relief From The Summer Heat

Days when the temperature touches 30 degrees, people have to start taking care of themselves. You have to start protecting yourself from the scorching heat and humidity. Due to global warming, the extreme climate has come together to cast a harsh summer for the people. Plus, heat negatively affects our body, moods and makes us cranky throughout the day. Therefore, taking precautions and saving ourselves from the heat is very important. There are many things to get relief from the burning heat.

Even if people know about the harmful effects of heat on their bodies, they forget the simple and easy ways to keep themselves cool.

So, here are five ways to get relief during the hot summers.

Staying Hydrated

Water makes 60 % of the human body. It is essential to stay hydrated. Water is important for biochemical reactions, supply in nutrients all along the body, removal of waste, maintaining a constant flow of blood, and maintaining body temperature. There is no fix or one-size-fits-all formula on the intake of water. The amount of water that you should in-take depends on your body type and your health conditions. But on average, women should drink around 3 litres of water whereas men should drink about 4 litres of water daily.

Staying hydrated helps in reducing your body temperature and helps your body to get cleaned. In the summer heat, water helps to keep your body healthy and hydrated.

Installing an Air Cooler

Summertime can get very rough, and drinking enough water may not help every time. Therefore, installing window coolers or tower coolers in your rooms can give you some fantastic cool breezes and help you maintain the room temperature at a comfortable range. Many people will have already started using air cooler in their rooms when summer comes knocking on their doors as it is both cost-effective and provides a lot of comfort at the same time. If you want to buy the best air cooler in India, then opting for a brand like Crompton is wise.

The air cooler also comes with varied features like a large ice chamber that you can clean easily, an air throw facility at a wider angle, controlling airspeed, mosquito net and honeycomb pad. These air coolers are energy efficient too.

There are many types of coolers available nowadays like:

  • A desert cooleris a type of cooler that takes water to make the room cooler, it is the strongest cooling option when it comes to air coolers. The desert cooler works by evaporating the water and then cooling the environment.
  • Thewindow cooler works well in a low humidity area by allowing the air to pass over a moist pad. The water in the pad gets evaporated hence making the environment cooler.
  • Tower coolersare specialised heat exchanger. It works by bringing water and air together for cooling the room. These units don’t take up much space and can be moved around easily.

Using Proper Skincare

Human skin reacts differently in every season of the year. People have to develop skincare routines as per their environment. They have to follow a skincare routine continuously for it to be effective on the skin. A skincare routine that is done correctly will make the skin glow. It will also help the skin to stay healthy and moist. Some people use damp towels for their skin to relax as a part of their skincare routine.

For the summertime, a good skincare routine should consist of the following things: 

  • Twice-a-day cleaning
  • Exfoliation of the skin frequently
  • Revitalise the skin with a refreshing toner
  • Apply moisturiser
  • Protect the skin with some SPF
  • Drink plenty of water to make the skin hydrated

Finding Proper Summer Suitable Clothing

Besides installing an air cooler, in summer, it is important to sweat, as when that sweat evaporates, it helps the body cool down. So, you need to allow the flow of air. Therefore, find clothes that are suitable for proper airflow. People like to wear cotton fabric as it helps the sweat evaporate and hence gives a cooling effect. It works like a towel, wicking the sweat and moisture away from the skin and discouraging bacteria and yeast growth. You should wear light colours like white, yellow or any other light shade.

They reflect most of the UV rays into the environment and do not let the ray’s heat reach the skin. And loose clothes can help proper ventilation of air, keeping the body comfortable and relaxed.

Final Thoughts

These were the basic, simple and affordable ways to beat the heat on hot summer days. Stay indoors and avoid going out during the peak of the daytime. It will be best for your body if you can avoid direct sunlight for an extended time. If you want to buy the best air cooler in India do proper research and go for reputable and feature-rich ranges like the Optimus Series from Crompton. Be it window cooler or desert cooler, or tower coolers; all are available at an affordable price that make it well worth it for the summer.

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