5 Inspiring Project Ideas For Your Garden

Gardens are considered to be one of the most challenging aspects of a property. Being exposed to elements and having a landscape that requires regular maintenance means that, in a matter of only a few weeks, a garden’s appearance can dramatically change.

As such, many homeowners choose to minimise the variability of their outdoor space, paving with concrete or limiting biodiversity with a neat lawn instead. While these methods certainly do reduce the amount of upkeep required for a considered garden, there are a number of designs that can be both practical and aesthetically exciting.

To inspire change in your own garden space, and to encourage a more positive impression of garden potential, we’re sharing five inspiring project ideas that can be started today.

Building Beds

Whether you’re seeking to grow flowers or your own vegetables and fruits, the horizontal landscape is not all that should be considered. Many homeowners can improve their garden space by implementing verticality into their design. Raised beds, for example, are a type of vertical garden, creating a contained space for growing plants that also adds visual layers to a landscape. Then there are wall gardens too, which make sure of empty wall and fence space to host pots and plants for growing.

Create A Cabin

Outbuildings have become very popular in recent years, with homeowners seeking to make use of their gardens all year round. The addition of customised and comfortable outbuildings, such as log cabins, means that residents have a sheltered space to enjoy in their garden no matter the weather, often using them as a dining area or for relaxation.

Make Your Own Compost

There are a number of reasons that might motivate a resident to create their own compositing system in a garden. Some are motivated to reduce their carbon footprints and build composting structures in their gardens to eliminate the carbon cost of their food waste. Others will want the end product, that is the fresh compost, to improve the soil quality of their garden and grow healthy plants. No matter the motivation, making your own compost system at home is easy and worthwhile.

Design Your Pathways

Adding paths to a garden space can have a surprising effect on how gardens are used. Aside from keeping footwear dry and clean, and encouraging homeowners to spend more time outdoors, they help to shape a garden space, creating a visual dynamic that can improve access to certain areas and help to make an outdoor space seem more inviting.

DIY Pond

Making a pond in a garden is considerate not only for your property’s aesthetic but also for local wildlife, with even a small pond area, such as those crafted from car tyres, being valuable for a great many birds, pollinators and critters. Ponds need not take up much space but can become quickly elaborate and impressive, adding sensory benefits to an outdoor area, especially for those who enjoy relaxing beside the sound of trickling water.

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