16 Tips To Keep Your Home Safer

Every time we don’t take the proper precautions, we allow people with bad intentions to approach us. In this case, there is still little care regarding safety.

By adopting small habits in the routine of the home, you can increase the security of your home and protect your family. Check out forbel tips so you won’t be surprised at your home.

Never leave doors, gates, or windows unlocked;

Low walls or no grating make it easy for criminals to enter your home;

A house that is always busy with people discourages criminals;

Analyze the vulnerability of your home, looking for easy access and blind spots when opening the garage, and plan to avoid problems;

It’s essential that you can see what’s outside, so you don’t get accosted on your way out. Blocking the view with closed gates or walls makes it possible for the criminal to approach the moment you are leaving your home;

Do not open the door if you cannot identify who is outside;

If your house has a door that gives direct access to the street, note if it is solid, with the hinges facing inwards and with a keyhole for ordinary and non-cylindrical keys (old locks, which are easy to break);

If you notice that the door needs more locks, don’t hesitate to put them in. The security of your home comes first;

If you have a sliding window in your home, use a piece of wood to block the window from moving, always leaving the metal part exposed. This will make it difficult for the criminal to act;

Note if your windows are very vulnerable. If so, it is advisable to install a grid;

Don’t keep items of great value in your home, not even large amounts of money;

Having a guard dog can help; they manifest when they sense a threat nearby. Even small dogs can warn us of dangers;

If you lose your keys, replace the lock core;

If your house has a balcony, there must be a window over the balusters or even a grille to prevent criminals from climbing outside;

Before traveling, let your neighbors know and ask someone you trust to collect the mail and check that everything is in order.

Keep the area in front of your house clean

If you have a house in the country or beach, don’t let thieves think that no one lives there. Always keep the place like parking lot clean and secured with Parking Lot Security Systems Installation Service for example and the garden spotless, so criminals will always think that people live there.

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